Here is what leaders have to say about hidden harvest

“I love the foresight that commissioned this report, and the insight that is found within these pages. Rather than relying on conjecture or personal experience, this report contains valuable research to better reach Okies for Christ!”

—Daniel Im, author of No Silver Bullets, coauthor of Planting Missional Churches, Director of Church Multiplication at, and teaching pastor

“Before we can effectively invite people into our world, the Kingdom of God, we must first step into their world and see the world through their eyes.  Understanding another’s worldview is essential to effective gospel proclamation, disciple-making, and church planting. Hidden Harvest can serve as a valuable asset to followers of Jesus who believe all Oklahomans (and, indeed, all peoples) deserve the right to hear the Good News in a way that they can understand.”

—R. Bruce Carlton, D.Th., Professor, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Oklahoma Baptist University

“The cultural and spiritual climate is changing so quickly in North America. Nowhere can it be felt more than in states such as Oklahoma. The insight from this survey will help church planters and evangelism trainers equip the church in Oklahoma to better engage their neighbors with the Gospel.”

—Daniel Yang, Director of the Send Institute

31% [of Oklahomans] were formerly involved with church, 23% are unaffiliated with any religion (Nones), and approximately 6% of the unchurched are inactive members of a religious group other than Christianity.




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